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How many dwellings will The Heights, Durack have?

The Heights, Durack will be a strong community comprising 882 dwellings including retirement living and be home to a range of people of all ages, incomes and housing formations. Housing designs will be diverse yet cohesive and integrate into beautiful streetscapes that respond to the local climate conditions and reflect Darwin’s contemporary lifestyle.

How did The Heights, Durack come about?

The Heights, Durack is one of Palmerston’s most significant land releases in the past 10 years.

In October 2008, Charles Darwin University (CDU) developed a Masterplan that identified areas that its campus required for the University’s future growth. This review also resulted in the identification of surplus land. The University believes this surplus land can assist the Territory in meeting its increasing housing needs.

What is the need for The Heights, Durack?

The Northern Territory’s (NT) population is growing and changing – and Palmerston is one of the NT’s fastest growing areas.

Population growth is outstripping housing supply. The Heights, Durack will address this lack of housing and provide a range of other benefits to the Palmerston community, including improved public facilities and services.

How will the local community benefit from The Heights, Durack?

The Heights, Durack will further open Charles Darwin University’s Palmerston campus to the community. It will create a point of connection between new and existing residents and the University’s grounds and facilities.

Neighbourhood parks and public art will feature strongly at The Heights, Durack – with at least 10 percent of the community to be high quality, public open space. Extensive cycle and walking paths will create a healthy community encouraging people to exercise and enjoy their neighbourhood.

The development partners have helped fund the design and construction of a new neighbourhood centre. On completion of the project the ownership of the neighbourhood centre will be transferred to the City of Palmerston. 

Will The Heights, Durack generate jobs?

During construction and on completion, a range of job opportunities will be created at The Heights, Durack.

Peet Limited are deeply committed to providing Aboriginal and other employment and training opportunities throughout the lifespan of the project. Peet Limited are leaders in Aboriginal participation and engagement in development projects.

This commitment is one part of a broader local economic development strategy that will be developed as the project progresses. This strategy will focus on job creation and business development, including strategies to foster home-based and small businesses.

Will there be affordable housing at The Heights, Durack?

We are committed to meeting the NT Government requirement of providing 5 percent affordable housing at The Heights, Durack.

To meet that goal, we have teamed up with NT builder, McT Design & Construction, to offer a range of ‘Lifestyle’ Home and Land packages. These packages are so named because they bring The Heights’ lifestyle within reach of the first home-buyer.

Although built on smaller blocks, these are houses with big ideas. People with a moderate income will be able to live on a smaller footprint, without compromising on comfort, design or even street appeal. In every respect, The Heights, Durack will be an equitable community in the making.

In addition, housing for older people will also be included in the project, to enable people to stay in their community as they age – close to family, friends and support services.

How will The Heights, Durack protect our environment?

Our commitment to making The Heights, Durack a clever community has already begun. We are developing a detailed sustainability strategy to deliver best practice environmental, social-cultural and economic sustainability initiatives. The Heights, Durack will set a new standard for storm water management and Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) in the NT, will respect biodiversity and existing vegetation and is considering an urban bush regeneration program in consultation with Durack residents. 

How will Charles Darwin University (CDU) use the income generated by The Heights, Durack?

Returns from the project will be invested in the University’s future development and will help it meet its obligations to the wider NT community. CDU proposes establishing an Endowment Fund to ensure the long-term sustainability of the University.

The University is examining a range of new and upgraded facilities for the Palmerston campus, including the development of on-campus accommodation for students and staff.

Have CDU and the Northern Territory (NT) Government adequately considered the future needs for tertiary education in the NT as part of the decision to develop a portion of the existing CDU Palmerston campus land for residential and other uses?

Yes, current and future tertiary education needs for the people of the Northern Territory have been evaluated by CDU. In October 2008, the University developed a Masterplan that identified areas of its campus required for the University’s future growth. Following discussions between CDU and the NT Government, it was agreed that a residential development would be the most suitable purpose for that part of the site not required for University purposes and that the proceeds from any such development would be used to enhance CDU facilities and also to contribute to improvements in teaching and research outcomes.

The NT Government fully supports the University in its endeavours to develop a portion of the University’s CDU Palmerston campus for a residential development and to use the proceeds from the development for the betterment of the University across all campuses.